Tiny PC Support Australia and Worldwide

I live in Canberra, Australia and offer you online PC Support

What you get:

  1. I can do things for you
  2. Achieved through Technical Support, your computing questions answered
  3. Choice of phone, email, or online ticket system. It is usually best to have at least two phone conversations at first, in order for me to help you. Let me know your full name, email, state, city, country and mobile number and I will call you.

What I get:

  1. It’s fun
  2. I increase my experience and knowledge about computing and technical support
  3. It’s good seeing satisfied customers
  4. Payment for services. $100 for up to one hour of time. Minuscule Small Discount Available! Only $50 if it’s less than half an hour and easy to solve.


Here you can:

You can pay from anywhere in the world, by logging in to your paypal account and sending me money, or by logging into your online banking and sending money using a bank transfer if you are within Australia. Safety and security of your money is assured because you remain 100% in control of any payment you may choose to make. Once support is finished for your question, I will provide you with my paypal email or australian bank details (bsb & account).

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