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"The more you know, the more you realize you know nothing."

Welcome to Fantastic PC Support, the free site for computer help.


We have an amazing group of one volunteer who are experts in Windows, Mac, Linux, and more. Our work is outstanding here at Fantastic PC Support.

Security & Malware Removal
Virus & Other Malware Removal(Need help removing spyware, viruses or other types of malware?)
General Security(Antivirus, Firewalls, and other security concerns)
Internet & Networking
Networking(LAN, WAN, and the like.)
Web & Email(Browsers, Email, and general Internet use.)
Web Design & Development(Web site design, development, and programming.)
Software & Hardware
Business Applications(Use this forum for Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, WordPerfect,
  And similar programs.
Games(For all of your game-related problems.)
All Other Software(Utilities and all other programs.)
Digital Photography & Imaging(Questions about photography, graphics and imaging programs that
  edit/view them.)
Multimedia(CD/DVD Burning, Windows Media Player, Codecs, etc.)
Hardware(Drivers and peripherals such as printers, webcams, and USB
Software Development (For programmers of Visual Basic, FoxPro, C, macro, and any other
Operating Systems
Windows 10(Discussions and support concerning the most recent version of Windows.)
Windows 8(Discussions and support concerning Windows 8 and 8.1.)
Windows 7(Having problems with Windows 7? Let us help!)
Windows Vista(Troubleshooting and questions regarding Windows Vista.)
Windows XP(Getting errors or having problems in Windows XP?)
Windows Server(Errors, installations, etc. General networking questions belong in the
  Networking forum.
Earlier Versions of Windows(Problems in Windows NT, 95, 98, 2000, or Me belong in this forum.
Linux and Unix(The hot OS of choice for those seeking an alternative to the status quo.
Apple Mac(Need help with an Apple Mac OS/OS X computer?)
DOS/Other(All other systems fall here: legacy and DOS systems.)

Phones & Mobile Devices
Apple Mobile Devices
(iPods, iPads, and iPhones.)
Android Mobile Devices
(Phones and tablets that run Android.)
Windows Mobile Devices
(Phones and tablets that run Windows.)
 Other Mobile Devices
General Technology

Tech-Related News
(Quotes, links, and discussion of interesting tech stories.)
Do It Yourself (Not Computer-Related)
(Help with things NOT computer-related (Appliances, TVs, electronics, cars, home projects, etc.)
Tech Tips and Reviews
Share the tech-related tips and tricks that you've come across and review products or services.

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Yes, really! Computer help is provided by the volunteer site owner and the site and staff is paid for by the site owner. There is no cost to you.

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