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A. Benefits to you

By using the free computing support service of Fantastic PC Support you can gain many benefits including:
  1. Health: Less stress, and positive solution-oriented interactions leads to potentially better mental and physical health. You can access the computer support from the comfort of your home using your computer, so there are no strenuous walks into a shop to get the computer support that you need.
  2. Money: It's presently free, and with my knowledge and experience you are gaining at least $1000 of value per email or phone call, for free. I have a unique and valueable experience and knowledge and problem-solving skills of which it is extremely valueable for everyone to make use of. You also save on car petrol or bus transport costs since you can receive the support from home without having to travel into a shop, and furthermore you save time by being able to do it from home and time is also your money saved from your hourly rate if you decide to use the travel time saved to work and earn more money yourself.
  3. Happiness: I aim for positive interactions so you can feel happy during our interactions of computer support by email and phone.
  4. Social interaction: We all need to interact with other people, since we are social beings, and by having computer support from me this involves interaction by email and phone which helps you get your social needs of interaction with people.
  5. Transparency and Truth: With me, you can see everything you need to see to get quickly to the solution by easily understanding and seeing my perspective and the possible solutions

B. Possible Objections

Am I doing anything for you? Yes! It is a FACT that I do many things for your benefit, whenever we interact, it's not a question of that, it's just a question of whether you realize the benefit, that's my problem that I have, is that sometimes people take me for granted and might not realize all the benefits they have gained, for example often these benefits come in the future into your lives from someone else, so you might not realize it was my doing that brought these many benefits into your life.

C. Difference to competitors

  1. Focuses on email and phone support to allow you to learn by having you do the fix yourself rather than having a technician come out to your house and do it for you which would mean you wouldn't learn anything.
  2. Focusses on computer support discussions only, not other things such as selling computer parts.

D. Contact support

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